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Reach your app users instantly

Mobile apps are now an integral part of almost every business and organization, no matter their size and industry. Now, iPhone and Android apps are the ideal tool to engage existing customers/clients and attract new ones, too.

Right in the palm of their hand


A mobile app brings all of your communication, marketing and outreach to one device where everything is accessible in two clicks. And, Google now ranks mobile apps in local search!

Send instant push notifications

With unlimited push notifications, our native iPhone and Android apps allow you to reach your users instantly with a notification on their phone.

Drive Loyalty

Engage your audience with push notifications that remind them of special events and offers. Reward loyal customers with preferential treatment and free or reduced cost products/services.

Message multiple social channels

From one tab, you can send instant messages to multiple social sites with the push of a button. Preschedule messages and put your communications on auto-pilot.


Get Ranked Higher by Google 

Google ranks businesses with apps higher because of the premium it puts on mobile. App owners are typically ranked higher than their competitors who don't have an app.

Cut Traditional Costs

Mobile App owners spend less on outside advertising because they own a direct channel to their best customers who will take their message viral. They also cut internal costs by reducing workloads for support staff and automating things like form collection, payment receipts and more.

Track performance

Get important stats that provide insights into your app user profiles for better content strategy and customer engagement.

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