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SEO or PPC Ads: Which is Better?

The short answer is SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC are both great options for your business.

SEO involves improving your website to increase traffic and optimize site conversions.

A conversion is an action someone takes to complete one of your goals. A site with great

SEO will load fast, have great content, be easy to understand and navigate, and very

helpful to your customers. Great SEO also includes items that you cannot see that

developers or professionals work on behind-the-scenes to get your Google rankings


Most every business wants to be on the first page of Google for their products or services. For example, if you sell pizzas when people search for “pizza near me” you want to be the first search that pops up. Google Ads benefits include getting to the top of a search, usually, top 3 is possible for certain keywords. The benefit of ads is that your business can quickly rank as a top search result if you have a good website and a proper bid.

Google Ads is better for quick, top of the page results and SEO is better for long-term Google ranking. If budget is more of a concern and time is not then SEO is better. If you want to be at the top of the first-page search result like next week then Google Ads is better for you. If you can, the best strategy is to do both as they work together very well.

In the beginning, you can focus more on Google Ads to get top of page results quickly, then, as your SEO ranking improves you can lower your Google Ads budget accordingly. By now, you have a good understanding of what SEO is and how it differs from running a Google Ads campaign. This way you will not have holes in your online search strategy.

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