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  • Betsey Duggan

PPC vs. SEO or BOTH?

If you’re interested in bringing more visitors to your website, it’s essential to have a search engine marketing plan. Search engine results bring websites a significant amount of traffic. Best of all, you can assume that leads coming from search engines are already interested in what you have to offer because they searched for something that brought them to your website. Most people won’t look past the first or second page of results, so websites that are ranked highest will enjoy more traffic. To increase your search engine rankings and receive more visitors, you’ll need an Internet marketing plan that focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising.

The Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimization refers to several marketing strategies that are aimed at improving your organic search engine rankings. Organic search results are those that occur naturally within Google’s rankings. Many businesses prefer to focus their Internet marketing efforts on SEO tactics because organic search results are free. However, effective SEO requires careful strategy and a focused marketing plan.

Your search engine rankings are based on the quality of your website. Google and other major search engines evaluate your site’s relevancy by looking at factors like content, keyword usage and recommendations from social media networks. While websites aren’t ranked according to an exact science, Google’s algorithms take a number of factors into account in order to determine whether or not your website is valuable to potential visitors. Customers understand that the top results are likely to be most relevant and they will visit highly-ranked pages more often. By focusing your marketing efforts on SEO, you’ll enjoy higher traffic at a manageable, affordable price.

The Benefits of PPC

PPC ads are paid search results that appear every time someone searches for a related term. One of the greatest benefits of PPC ads is that you’ll only pay when someone actually clicks on one of your ads. Clicks typically cost between 50 cents and a few dollars each. However, the people who click on your ads are probably already interested in what you have to offer. You may see higher conversion rates from PPC ads.

Many businesses also invest in PPC ads because the strategy provides a quick way to build traffic. An effective SEO strategy can take months to build, and many businesses find it difficult to maintain a high ranking on the first or second page of Google results. PPC ads allow you to get your company’s name in front of potential customers right away.

Creating a Successful Online Marketing Plan

You’ll see benefits when you implement PPC ads or SEO tactics, but the most successful online marketing plans use a combination of the two strategies. PPC brings immediate results with instant clicks, and SEO helps you improve your search engine rankings over time. Both strategies work to bring more visitors to your website, and higher traffic typically translates to increases in your conversion rates. Businesses enjoy the best results when they allow SEO and PPC marketing strategies to complement one another.

WhizFish Helps with Both

We have been helping online businesses succeed in all areas of the internet, but particularly with search engine marketing and optimization. If you are struggling with your PPC campaign, let us audit your campaigns and give you suggestions on how you can manage it more efficiently, or we can handle it for you. Are your competitors kicking your you-know-what on organic rankings? We are the world’s largest provider of search engine optimization and we can help you by starting with a free website analysis and consultation to explore your strengths and weaknesses to create a successful and profitable online marketing campaign that fits your needs and your budget.

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