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Mistakes That Burn Tons of Google Ad $

2 BIG mistakes can light your Google Ads budget on fire and leave you frustrated with little or no results.

The first problem is lack of proper keyword research. Bidding on high-dollar broad keywords is a recipe for disaster. (Example: plumber near me) Focusing on less expensive, long-tail keywords (Example: plumbers who repair kitchen sink faucets) will bring much better results. Remember, it's about the quality of clicks and not the quantity.

The 2nd issue is using keywords that don't convert. Low price keywords that have zero conversion will burn through ads budgets in a sneaky way. Let's say each month there are 20 keywords that cost you $200 but never convert to a sale. That's $2,400 that goes up in smoke every year.

The key to success is strong Google Ads Management. An experienced agency that monitors, adjusts and produces results will help you grab all the new customers you want who are searching for your services right now.

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