Our wide range of digital marketing services will meet all of your needs. Our staff at WHIZFISH® is in the business of thinking out of the box and differently. Our premium services are designed to benefit each and every one of our clients in a personal manner. If it's digital, we can do it all, and we can do it for you now.



We Do It All

It begins with a free Snapshot® Report to see how your business looks online. The report provides:

  • Strategic tips and tricks

  • Google My Business status

  • Online directory listings accuracy

  • Industry comparisons

  • Social standing

  • Website review

  • Self-help fixes


Help Them Find You

Local marketing matters so more people searching for your kind of business or service will find you. Local digital marketing:

  • Checks and updates local listings directories 

  • Provides social listening strategies

  • Sees what competitors are up to

  • Identifies problems with website effectiveness

  • Reviews overall Google "friendliness"


It's Where You Reach Them

We live in a mobile-only world and all digital has to be designed for it. We provide:

  • mobile, responsive website development

  • iPhone/Android mobile app development

  • mobile marketing strategy

  • mobile landing page just for reviews

  • Website review

  • Local SEM


We Make Social Simple

Social channels help local businesses grow their fan base and turn online inquiries into raving customers. Our Social Marketing service:

  • Monitors social media for reviews and helps with responses

  • Suggests what to post when based on trending industry topics

  • Identifies Fans/Followers who are ready to buy

  • Helps to build a loyal fan base by posting to multiple platforms simultaneously

  • Manages customer service more efficiently

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