Pivoting for growth, post COVID-19


With most of the U.S. now reopening, it's become clear what great opportunities the pandemic reopening brings to food truck owners (FTO).

Food trucks can easily adapt to post-pandemic operations as their general concept is already right on target to make diners feel more comfortable and safe about dining out in our new normal, things like:

  • Outdoor dining

  • No dining rooms

  • Easy to create social distancing in Order line

  • Fewer employees handle food

Brick and mortar restaurants are struggling with reopening procedures, while FTO's are primed to receive more diners.


And, more than just reacting to the current crisis, it’s likely the dramatic shifts in customer ordering behavior means FTO's will become more popular than ever. Food trucks will feel "safer" to families.


This means FTO's need to pivot quickly to handle more diners and to do so with reduced contact. So what does this really mean for FTO's?

We've broken it down for you:




To survive in this current environment and keep your restaurant open, you need to navigate and comply with the new normal. Social distancing, touchless food delivery and touchless payment are just some of the new norms restaurants will need to manage as the economy reopens. 

Here's 5 Easy Steps to Reposition Your Restaurant for the new trends:

  1. Online ordering

  2. Curbside pick-up

  3. Touchless delivery

  4. Family meal deals

  5. Meal kits for home cooking


Our restaurant experts stand ready to advise you on the best ways to implement these at your restaurant.


Whether you're a local cafe, a large franchisor, or anywhere in between, you must have a strong online presence making it easy for customers to buy your food. But where do you start?

Here's the top digital tools restaurants need to survive and thrive in the new normal:

  1. Online ordering

  2. Mobile app

  3. Touchless menus

  4. Social marketing

  5. Reviews management

  6. Online advertising

Need help in any of these areas? Have questions? We have a dedicated team waiting to help you navigate these waters.



Health & Safety

It's now so important to let your customers know you take their health & safety seriously. You must make it  apparent you are taking all measures to ensure their health.

So, here's a few hand-picked items you may be interested in (can include your logo):

  • Facial coverings (for employees, clients/customers)

  • BIC Clic Stic Antimicrobial pens

  • Hand sanitizers

  • Signage/Floor graphics


Many options, styles, sizes and designs available.